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EPRI Re-Examining Ultrasonic Qualification Program in Light of Recent Event Open New Window
August 13, 2012
EPRI Continues Investigation of Jet Pump Flow-Induced Vibration Phenomena Open New Window
August 6, 2012
EPRI Awarded Three Research Projects from U.S. Department of Energy to Advance Nuclear Energy Open New Window
July 18, 2012
Protective Coatings for Power Plants: Maintaining the First Line of Defense Open New Window
July 13, 2012
Laser Systems Could Provide Quicker, More Accurate Alternative for Surface Inspections Open New Window
July 11, 2012
Patent-Pending Process Promises Volume Reduction for Spent Resins Open New Window
June 26, 2012
Core Spray Inspection Guidelines Could Reduce Number of Required Inspections Open New Window
June 19, 2012
Field Demonstration Assesses Early Hydrogen Water Chemistry for Crack Mitigation in Boiling Water Reactors Open New Window
June 15, 2012
Long-Term Operations Must Consider Concrete Aging Open New Window
May 9, 2012
Recently Formed Nondestructive Evaluation Modeling and Simulation Center Already Yielding Results Open New Window
April 23, 2012
EPRI Continues Efforts to Improve Seismic Risk Analysis Open New Window
April 16, 2012
EPRI Updating and Expanding Open Cooling Water Chemistry Guidelines Open New Window
April 16, 2012
EPRI Develops 3D Job Planning and Dose Estimation Prototype Open New Window
April 2, 2012
Atom Probe Tomography Provides Clues to Irradiation-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking Open New Window
March 20, 2012
Performance Demonstration Program Turns 20 Years Old Open New Window
March 13, 2012
Guidance for Fuel Performance Assessments and Inspections Under Revision Open New Window
March 1, 2012
Nanoparticles Provide Promising Pathway to Reduced Cooling Tower Water Consumption Open New Window
February 22, 2012
Code Change Enables "Fitness for Service" Standard for Structural Welds Open New Window
February 13, 2012
EPRI presents 11 technology transfer awards to 30 individuals representing 11 nuclear owners/operators Open New Window
February 7, 2012
EPRI Pilot Tests Life-Cycle Management Approach for Large Power Transformers Open New Window
January 31, 2012
New Seismic Model Will Refine Hazard Analysis at U.S. Nuclear Plants Open New Window
January 31, 2012
Magnetic Stir Welding Offers Promising Alternative to Application of Alloy 52/52M Welds Open New Window
January 23, 2012
Seismic Isolation Promises Reduced Vulnerabilities, Risks and Costs for New Plants Open New Window
January 17, 2012
Internal Ultrasonic System Shows Promise for Buried Pipe Inspection Open New Window
January 10, 2012
Dispersant Usage Broadens Applicability in Pressurized Water Reactors Open New Window
November 21, 2011
New video describes EPRI research in developing new resin for capturing radioactive products at nuclear plants. Open New Window
November 17, 2011
Silicon Carbide Provides Opportunity to Enhance Nuclear Fuel Safety Open New Window
November 14, 2011
Laser Welding Shines New Light on Nuclear Power Plant Repairs November 3, 2011 Open New Window
November 7, 2011
Special IEEE report on Fukushima features input from experts on the future of nuclear energy. EPRI's Neil Wilmshurst comments on research priorities and the challenges of long-term plant operations. November 3, 2011 Open New Window November 3, 2011
EPRI Nuclear Training List Open New Window
April 1, 2011
Biannual Survey Benchmarks Industry Inspection Practices for Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Components Open New Window
March 28, 2011
EPRI Examines Criticality Risks During Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel Open New Window
March 21, 2011
Web Tool Provides One-Stop Shopping for Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting Information. Open New Window
March 14, 2011
2010 Technology Transfer Awards Recognize Successful Member Application of EPRI Results Open New Window
March 7, 2011
EPRI research on electromagnetic interference cited in Power magazine article on instrumentation and control systems for new units at Plant Vogtle. Open New Window
February 23, 2011
EPRI Updating Sealing Technology Guidance Open New Window
February 14, 2011
Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity Primer to Help Manage Radiation Embrittlement Open New Window
February 7, 2011
Nuclear News magazine reports on EPRI research related to used fuel management Open New Window (PDF 108KB) and the use of standardized task evaluations Open New Window (PDF 361KB) for qualifying supplemental workers. [Reprinted with permission from the American Nuclear Society.]
November 10, 2010
In support of a joint industry-regulatory initiative, EPRI has published two guides addressing cable aging management, one for medium-voltage systems and one for low-voltage systems.
June 7, 2010
The May-June issue of Radwaste Solutions magazine featured two articles authored by EPRI: one on the opportunities to risk-inform low-level waste disposal Open New Window (PDF 177KB) regulations, and one on how to reduce the costs for on-site storage and minimize waste volumes Open New Window (PDF 136KB).
(Posted with the permission of Radwaste Solutions magazine, May/June 2010, copyright 2010 by the American Nuclear Society.)
June 1, 2010
New product lists available for Plant Support Engineering program and Instrumentation and Control program
May 24, 2010
Cover feature in Spring issue of EPRI Journal examines benefits of modular nuclear construction Open New Window (PDF 209KB)
May 5, 2010
EPRI study on health effects of low-level radiation addressed in article in Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal Open New Window
April 22, 2010
Article in Power Engineering magazine features comments from EPRI Program Manager Rob Austin on use of digital control systems in nuclear power plants. Open New Window
April 2010
EPRI’s Long-Term Operations Project profiled in article on EnergyWashington.com. Open New Window (PDF 94KB)
April 16, 2010
Radwaste Solutions article cites EPRI role in developing industry guidance on groundwater protection Open New Window (PDF 94KB)
March 2010
Nuclear Maintenance Application Center releases updated product brochure Open New Window (PDF 972KB)
March 9, 2010
Inside NRC, a Platts publication, interviewed EPRI Director Neil Wilmshurst for an article describing the nuclear industry’s new buried
pipe initiative
Open New Window (PDF 20KB)
February 2010
Nuclear Fuel, a Platts publication, interviewed Constellation Energy’s Maria Korsnick for an article on EPRI’s long-term operations project Open New Window (PDF 22KB)
February 2010
New York Times article quotes EPRI in analysis of advanced “traveling wave” nuclear technology Open New Window
February 23, 2010
Power Engineering magazine features EPRI in discussing value of wireless technology in the nuclear power industry. Open New Window (PDF 8MB)
February 2010
Nuclear Engineering International article profiles EPRI role in development of advanced ceramic nuclear fuel cladding. Open New Window (PDF 403KB)
January 2010
An EPRI article on used fuel management and the back end of the fuel cycle appeared in the January issue of Health Physics News. Open New Window (PDF 424KB)
January 2010
New web page describes EPRI's Long-Term Operations Project, which is investigating the technical challenges and opportunities associated with extending nuclear plant operation to 80 years and beyond.
December 2009
Multi-year review indicates health risks associated with low-dose radiation exposure may be over-estimated. Open New Window (PDF 43KB)
November 2009
Nuclear News magazine published a nine-page article in its October special plant maintenance section on the use of EPRI's on-line maintenance products in the nuclear power industry. (Posted with permission from Nuclear News). Open New Window (PDF 323KB)
October, 2009
Power Engineering magazine article profiles EPRI's Feedwater System Maintenance Guide, describing best practices for increasing reliability and reducing trips. Open New Window (PDF 472KB)
October, 2009
EPRI experts discuss how three-dimensional product life-cycle management solutions can enhance the design, operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants. Open New Window (PDF 472KB)
October, 2009
September issue of Nuclear Energy Insight from the Nuclear Energy Institute touts EPRI analysis of generation options in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, highlighting the need for significant expansion of nuclear energy. Open New Window
September, 2009
Article in Focus on Nuclear Power Generation magazine discusses EPRI's role in addressing the risks posed by counterfeit items in the nuclear industry. Open New Window
August, 2009
Nuclear News article summarizing ANS Annual Meeting profiles EPRI research on long-term nuclear plant operations. Open New Window
August, 2009
Nuclear Plant Journal interviews EPRI's Dave Modeen, director of external affairs, on role of R&D in nuclear plant operation Open New Window (PDF 407KB)
July / August, 2009
Cover feature in Valve Magazine discusses dangers associated with counterfeit items; profiles EPRI recommendations and ongoing research Open New Window
August, 2009
EPRI article discusses growing interest in new nuclear plant development Open New Window (PDF 306KB)
August, 2009
(This is a pre-print of an article published in Natural Gas & Electricity©, 2009, August, Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)
Webcasts Describe Long-Term Operations Project and New Instrumentation & Control Interest Groups
June 22, 2009

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Program – Product List Open New Window (PDF 245KB)
May 21, 2009
Nuclear Energy Research and Development Open New Window
May 1, 2009
Welding Best Practices for New Nuclear Plants Open New Window (PDF 396KB)
The May issue of the Welding Journal features EPRI’s work in converting lessons learned from the existing nuclear fleet into welding guidelines for new plant construction.
Capillary Electrophoresis Offers Improved Ion Detection Sensitivity and Fast Analysis Times Open New Window (PDF 423KB)
The May issue of Nuclear Engineering International describes how capillary electrophoresis technology can be used to monitor water chemistry and minimize corrosion.

Dispersant Injection and Radwaste System Design
The March-April issue of Nuclear Plant Journal included two articles profiling the application of EPRI technology.
Read Minimizing Radiological Effluent Releases
Open New Window (PDF 201KB)

Read Reducing Deposits in Steam Generators Open New Window (PDF 255KB)

Computerized Procedures for Nuclear Plant Control Rooms Open New Window (PDF 135KB)
The March issue of Nuclear News includes an article discussing guidance EPRI is developing with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Nuclear Energy Institute governing the use of computerized procedures in nuclear plant control rooms.
Growing Risk of Counterfeit Items Emphasizes Need for Industry Guidance: In light of specific instances where counterfeit items have been found at nuclear plants, EPRI is developing industry guidance to improve detection and identify risk mitigation options.
Steam Turbine Generator Guidelines: An article in the January/February 2009 issue of Turbomachinery International describes EPRI's Steam Turbine Generator Maintenance Guidelines and how several utilities have used the guidelines to troubleshoot maintenance issues
Nuclear Modularization: Article in Engineering News Record explores how modular manufacturing and construction is to be used in building new nuclear power plants.
Steam Dryer Integrity for Nuclear Power Uprates: EPRI has validated analytical methods for defining steam dryer pressure loading and structural response to support power uprate submittals.
EPRI's Chris Larsen Addresses Nuclear Energy Research Strategy
On the February 17th edition of The Energy Report with Susan McGinnis on Clean Skies TV, Chris Larsen, EPRI's vice president of nuclear, talked about a new report co-authored by EPRI and the Idaho National Laboratory that details how nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment can help reduce U.S. carbon emissions and bolster energy security. (Go to cleanskies.tv & select The Energy Report under the Program Guide. Use the arrow to find the 2/17/09 report).
EPRI-INL Report Outlines Nuclear Energy Strategy
A new report co-authored by the Electric Power Research Institute and the Idaho National Laboratory details how nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment can help reduce U.S. carbon emissions and bolster energy security.
Read the Press Release
Read the Report
Toward an Integrated Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Nuclear power's long-term value as a clean and sustainable generation resource
Flash 5:30 minutes w/audio
Nuclear Modularization: Article in Engineering News Record explores how modular manufacturing and construction is to be used in building new nuclear power plants.
Steam Dryer Integrity for Nuclear Power Uprates: EPRI has validated analytical methods for defining steam dryer pressure loading and structural response to support power uprate submittals.
Nuclear Welding: The October 2008 issue of "Nuclear News" features two stories in EPRI's involvement of welding issues.
Callaway Nuclear Power Plant relied on EPRI technical guidance to gain regulatory approval to modify inspection requirements

FirstEnergy's Dan Patten discusses welding issues and EPRI's Weld & Repair Technology Center

The Power of Analysis: The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations published an article in the latest issue of The Nuclear Professional highlighting the analytic work EPRI performed to safely enable nine nuclear plants to avoid unscheduled outages to conduct weld inspections.
Read the Analysis
Nuclear Industry Strives to Reduce Fuel Failures: An article in the September issue of Nuclear Engineering International magazine profiles EPRI's recently released fuel reliability guidelines, which support an industry initiative to eliminate fuel failures by 2010.
Read the Article
EPRI Included in ABC World News Story on Nuclear Power: Chris Larsen, Vice President of EPRI's nuclear sector, comments on the viability of John McCain's goal to bring 45 nuclear power plants on-line by 2030.
Watch the video
EPRI Guidelines Lead Industry Effort to Improve Nuclear Fuel Performance: Nuclear News article discusses how EPRI's fuel reliability guidelines are helping nuclear plants reach a zero fuel failure goal by 2010.
Extending Nuclear Plant Operation: John Gaertner, EPRI Technical Executive, discusses the challenges facing long-term nuclear plant operation in the current issue of EnergyBiz magazine.
Long-Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants: EPRI's interviews with senior executives reveal strong interest in plant operation beyond 60 years.
Safety and Operational Benefits of Risk-Informed Initiatives: New white paper examines the value of risk-informed operations and maintenance practices.
Water Chemistry Guideline Revisions: Three revised guideline documents to be released between December 2007 and December 2008.
Advanced Nuclear Technology: Siting, licensing, development and deployment of new nuclear power plants are challenged by a host of technological, economic and regulatory concerns. Mitigating these concerns is critical to maintaining momentum along the nuclear development cycle.
EPRI Research Featured in INPO Journal: Article from the Summer issue of the EPRI Journal
In Pursuit of a Nuclear Renaissance: Two articles from The Nuclear Professional discuss EPRI research activities on corrosion and generator maintenance.
Room at the Mountain: EPRI Analysis Finds Maximum Physical Capacity of Yucca Mountain Geological Repository is 4-9 Times Current Limit

EPRI Carbon-Constrained Analysis

 Nuclear Gets a Second Look from 60 Minutes News Program  

Nuclear Power Challenges and Opportunities Excerpt from EPRI Journal article on Generation Options in a Carbon Constrained World