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A Monthly Report on EPRI's Environmental Research Programs December 2010/January 2011
Water and Ecosystems Area News

EPRI Welcomes Dr. Jessica Shi
Dr. Jessica Shi has joined the Water and Ecosystems staff to manage the Advanced Cooling supplemental work. Dr. Shi will also manage the Water Area Technology Innovation programs, as well as supporting power plant cooling and water sustainability efforts in the Nuclear and Generation sectors. Dr. Shi has an impressive background, including a PhD in Thermal-Fluid Sciences and an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BS in Thermal-Fluid Sciences from Tsinghua University in Beijing. Her background in the aerospace industry includes extensive experience with thermal and fluid modeling and other software analysis programs, basic research, and project management. In addition, Dr. Shi has many patents, publications, and awards. She will be a tremendous asset to the Advanced Cooling Program and to the Water and Ecosystems area in general. Dr. Jessica Shi can be reached at bshi@epri.com or 650.855.8516.